Region, contract, and gender differences in pub and bar pay.

Recent statistics from the Office for National Statistics suggest that jobs occupied by women are over 13% less likely to pay the living wage than those occupied by men. In London, the gap is even larger, at 16.8%. In fact, women’s bar jobs in London pay below the London living wage three quarters of the time. Men’s bar jobs, on the other hand, outside of London, are living wage-paying in 49.5% of cases. Living wage recommendations have been made since 2001 as to the amount employers should pay

Stingy Scots are milking Brits dry

The number of British holidaymakers is down in Scotland, but their expenditure has increased between 2011 and 2018. With a new tourism strategy for Scotland set to launch in March, the Scottish tourism industry could be at a crossroads. This data suggests that, despite facing challenges such as Brexit and rebuilding from the 2008 financial crash, the Scottish tourism sector has done well at retaining income from our closest neighbours. Many regions of Scotland have welcomed dramatic increases

Back pain and work absence: the marriage made in hell

Sit up straight with your shoulders back and relaxed. We can’t have you reading an article about low back pain and give it to you at the same time. This would be adding to the problem, as there is already an eye-watering number of working days lost each year to lower back pain. Bosses don’t like it - they lose money. The government does like it - the country loses money. And, most importantly, you don’t like it - it can hurt like hell and cause a multitude of problems if you miss work for a wh

Should you be using psychometric testing for recruiting?

Psychometric testing in recruitment lets “science” tell you which candidate is more likely to succeed in their new role. However, psychology scrooges and randy recruiters prick up your ears, for here are some things you should know before investing. Psychometric testing is fast becoming the norm in recruiting. Should you be investing in it? Outlining the benefits, you can see the appeal of psychometric tests. They offer a bias-free way of assessing someone’s ability; they provide you with metr

Gardening Leave: A Comprehensive Guide

If you thought that, having been let go, your boss would at least let you tie up any loose ends and steal all the stationary, wrong again. You’re going on gardening leave. You’re angry about it because it feels like you're being exiled for a crime you didn't commit. Before you start soul-searching in Fiji, here are the ins and outs of gardening leave. Gardening leave (also known as garden leave) is essentially a period of paid leave beginning from when you hand in (or are handed) your notice,

Laissez faire leadership: Benefits and pitfalls

Do less, get more. It’s an attractive yet elusive concept. Sadly, the effort you put in is often directly proportional to the outcome. Why then is laissez faire leadership undergoing somewhat of a renaissance? Surely we should be discouraging any laziness or detachment in the managerial world. Well, here’s how business leaders are rethinking the benefits and pitfalls of laissez-faire leadership. Your initial reaction to an article assessing the pros and cons of laissez-faire leadership might b